5 ways to improve the customer experience


Engagement: this is the watchword for developing increasingly innovative and personalized digital marketing strategies able to expand the relationship between a company and its customers, optimizing their experience in various phases, from online and in stores purchases to post-sales assistance, through various communication channels.

The customer experience is therefore a "game" that goes deep into consumer habits, with the aim of guiding their behavior.

To improve the overall customer experience towards the company, marketing automation platforms provide very useful tools, able to involve people using IoT applications, which stands for Internet of Things, which allows to put the physical and the virtual world in contact.

Finally we see five tools that help the marketing manager to collect, manage and order large amounts of data to speed up certain processes, like the segmentation of the users. Let’s keep in mind, that this software was created to automate marketing activities,  win new customers over and improve the reputation of the corporate brand, so as to increase the number of "positive" actions such as transmitting their data, buying a product, requesting more information on a service, sign up for a newsletter.

The right strategies for best results

In order to improve the customer experience, you can follow 5 simple rules:

  • Create a customer database constantly updated with all the information to group users according to similar profiles / characteristics (clustering). This is the first necessary step to then send tailor-made content to different groups or individuals (depending on the level of customization the company wants to achieve): newsletters, emails, marketing campaigns, special offers.
  • Analyze the users' browsing data: to be customized and also "emotional", every form of communication and interaction with the customer must be based on a thorough and continuous study of its behaviors (customer behavior). Essentially: sites you visit, whatever topic interests you the most, how much time you spend reading web pages, what you buy online. Only in this way, it will be possible to carry out even more targeted marketing actions, whose objective is to establish a solid and lasting relationship with the people that the company wants to "commit" to (in fact it is called engagement). Last but not least, the purchasing experience must become not only pleasant, but also capable of arousing a bond of trust with the company brand.

  • Analyze purchasing habits in detail. A good marketing automation platform must facilitate the development of cross-selling and up-selling strategies. The software, must optimize the purchasing experience, coming to propose a cart of products and services with the characteristics suitable for the profiles of different consumers, increasing as much as possible the number of actions desired (purchases, input of their data, subscription to a service etc.) and reducing the number of unwanted actions as much as possible, especially the abandonment of shopping carts online.
  • "Bringing back home" those who previously moved away: to improve the customer experience it is essential to use a remarketing tool, or retargeting, that allows users to "hit" with targeted advertising those who have already visited our site but do not have still not even one of the desired actions.
  • Analyze the behaviors in the "physical" world, therefore in shops / stores, through extensive networks of Wi-Fi sensors that allow to map the customer behavior in specific spaces and places, a supermarket for example, in order to understand which are the most popular routes, the most profitable shelves etc. This is how we enter proximity marketing strategies and solutions made possible by IoT applications.

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