RePlatform, Relatech's winning resource for the complete management of an increasing amount of data


The Agcom, Antitrust and Privacy Guarantor report estimates growth in the data integration technology sector of approximately
137% by 2021 (CAGR 13%)

The pandemic has led companies to adopt smart working, a way of working that many companies expect to welcome even in the new normal future. The production of data has become exponential in the pandemic period, just think that many "physical" daily activities have become "digital", a simple example is the paradigm shift in purchasing, which has migrated from physical retail to e-commerce.

The huge amount of data generated requires companies to equip themselves with frontier technologies that are able to store, cluster, analyze and protect the data, which translates into efficient data integration systems, which guarantee the correct management of the data in all its life stages, from assimilation to transformation into added value.

The interesting data that emerges from the report published by Agcom, Antitrust and Privacy Guarantor is that by 2021 the volume of data will reach the figure of 163 trillion gigabytes globally and according to the research of the Global Industry Analysts the technology sector of data integration will be characterized by growth of 137% by 2027, going from 8.1 to 19.2 billion dollars in value, with an annual growth rate of approximately 13% (CAGR).

Data integration is part of the Digital Enabler Technologies (D.E.) segment, the reference market of Relatech, Digital Enabler Solution Knowledge (D.E.S.K.) Company and SMEs listed on the AIM ITALIA market. A market, those of the D.E., which Relatech presides as a reference digital player to support companies in the digital innovation process. Relatech, through its RePlatform platform, pillar of its business offer, and its skills in the Big Data, Cloud, Data analysis, Blockchain, Cyber ​​Security fields, is able to meet the need of companies to have technologies and solutions for the management and protection of data in an efficient and effective way in order to create value and reduce costs.

In particular, the ReData module of the RePlatform platform allows you to manage huge amounts of data and analyze them quickly and in depth through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Machine learning, Big Data analysis technologies and timely manage decision making processes. Furthermore, Relatech with its expertise in cyber security and blockchain (ReSec module and ReHub of the RePlatform platform) is able to guarantee total data protection through robust infrastructures for the protection of companies from cyber attacks. A service, that of data integration, that Relatech has made available to many of its customers active in the industrial, financial, banking and insurance sectors.

Cloud and data protection represent for Relatech two of the pillars of RePlatform, a platform that has been further strengthened thanks to the inclusion in the perimeter of the Mediatech Group, specialized in Cloud, cybersecurity and Data centers. Thanks to its expertise in data integration, Relatech is able to respond in an excellent way to the needs of its customers to adopt services and solutions with the highest standards in terms of security and data management.

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