Artificial intelligence and IoT for data collection, analysis and management


We are immersed in data. According to IDC in 2025 the world 163 trillion bytes. This means that every business organization will have to deal with an authentic mine today perhaps still unexplored, but that over time will no longer be such.

Data can be considered as an enormous business opportunity if the appropriate tools are adopted to transform them into answers and solutions. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things come into play, which represent the ideal support for collecting, analyzing and managing data.


AI and IoT: why is it important to exploit data?

The management of the enormous amount of data is part of an inevitable process, that is the digital transformation that today involves every activity and every productive sector. IDC also predicts that by 2021, over 40% of manufacturing companies will implement digital transformation initiatives. This translates into a paradigm shift that every company, large or small, will have to face sooner or later. AI and IoT can help in this step, precisely because in their combination they are able to ensure a large part of data reading and interpretation process, allowing many possibilities, ranging from transport to smart home, from the pharmaceutical sector to retail.

Professionals who understand the implications offered by Big Data and, above all, are able to exploit them, can help their company to connect with customers and other interested companies in an efficient and precise way, creating new opportunities and always keeping one step ahead of own competitors. The combination of the Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to obtain even more qualified data, useful for example for predictive maintenance, and to be able to count on a higher degree of efficiency and savings. All this will only improve with the advent of 5G, which will allow data transmission speeds unimaginable today: according to GSMA - an association that represents the interests of global mobile operators - it will reach 1.3 billion number of connections worldwide by 2025, covering 2.7 billion people, or 40% of the population.


Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence: an ideal combination?

But how does this virtuous integration work? We can try a car comparison: Internet of Things is the fuel and the Artificial Intelligence is the engine. The IoT takes care of collecting the data that feed the AI, then allowing it to be translated into motion.

The AI ​​benefits from the Internet of Things, but it is a two-way relationship: the volumes of data generated by IoT devices have a limited value without artificial intelligence technologies that can find valuable insights and predictive models in information. Their combination is increasingly intense, in fact, the new IoT solutions that integrate advanced data analysis platforms and AI algorithms are able to simplify the management of connected devices, despite the continuous increase in smart objects.

The combination of artificial intelligence, in the form of machine learning or deep learning, and rich, real-time data streams provided by sensors and IoT networks will always provide new business development insights.

The potential is endless: from the processing of data to provide answers and services, it will be increasingly possible to create machines that can simulate "intelligent" behavior, that is, able to make decisions requiring a reduced human contribution.




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