How RePlatform can help you extract value from business systems


RePlatform is Relatech's digital cloudbased platform that integrates in a single framework, innovative technologies, methodological approach and frontier skills resulting from the research activity conducted together with university centers and developed in the context of projects carried out with important clients.

RePlatform is mainly composed by  four areas of expertise: ReYou that covers the themes of Omnichannel Customer Experience, Marketing Automation, and customer’s interaction with advanced contact devices (touchpoints) such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Signage, Virtual Assistants / Chatbot etc; ReData which explores the issues of Big Data management, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; ReThing that deals with the connection and data collection from IoT devices such as sensors, process control instrumentation and environmental devices such as proximity beacons; and finally ReSec which introduces IT security systems such as Single Sign On cloud, Intrusion Detection, Threat intelligence, Blockchain and digital identity protection.

RePlatform can be personalized and employed in several business contexts and sectors and represents a fundamental tool to extract value from all the relevant data of the company. This mainly thanks to the first three modules mentioned above: ReYou, ReData and ReThing.


ReData, the powerful collector of RePlatform

From the business systems, such as ERP, CRM, E-Commerce or corporate site, a myriad of data transit, mainly related to interaction with customers. If you don't have a tool that, like RePlatform, is able to collect and arrange them, this heritage is going to be wasted. In particular, thanks to ReData, your company can cover the function of Big Data Analytics in a complete and efficient manner. The module, in fact, allows  storage and processing of large amounts of data, starting from transactional ones, which are generated every time the consumer gets feedback after a voluntary action (purchase confirmation email, newsletter subscription, preventive transposition, etc.) to those that define their behavior (threads on social networks, support requests via chat or call center, etc.). The data, once collected and stored in a database that uses the computational power of the cloud, is conveyed towards analytical dashboards and machine learning algorithms. The former identifies  consumer trends and orientations, with a wealth of details that derive from the number of sources; artificial intelligence at the base of machine learning, on the other hand, allows us to predict the future behavior of users in order to better address the purchase proposals even in a cross-selling and upselling perspective.

Data collection secured by ReThing

If ReData intercepts the flow of data in the sphere of the Web, Mobile and corporate systems, it is with ReThing that their sources of origin are further enhanced. This thanks to the interaction with IoT technologies that detect data from various environmental sensors (Wi-Fi, beacon, bluetooth, video cameras, RFID, NFC, Robotics) that can give information on the movements and behaviors of customers within a given area, or from industrial sensors, typically installed inside production machinery or plants. This serves to capture valuable information to integrate with that obtained by ReData. Just think of the importance it can have, for the purpose of optimizing industrial processes from an Industry 4.0 perspective, for example in the management of warehouse rotation or merchandise display, to be able to match the number of visits to a store area and / or the number of pieces produced in a given period of time with sales in the same period and in that particular store.


Customer Engagement with ReYou

But if we want to have a complete view of our customers’ behavior, then we must be able to involve them in an emotional and personalized shopping experience. This is where the capabilities provided by ReYou come into play. In fact, even in Italy, those who use digital to purchase, which have reached the remarkable figure of 35.5 million individuals (according to the Omnichannel Observatory Customer Experience of the Politecnico di Milano), during their customer journey pass indiscriminately from online to offline touchpoints. An in-depth knowledge of your target audience is the guarantee of a highly personalized offer and service, and it is the starting point of an engagement that takes the form of a solid loyalty for the brand.

But it is the combination in different forms of all three RePlatform modules: ReData, ReYou and ReThing to ensure the achievement of the complete business value for the company. And it is for this reason that on RePlatform, Relatech has created several vertical solutions, specialized by business sector:

ReZone to achieve Intelligent Customer Engagement and a truly omnichannel customer view and ReFab4.0 to address the issues of Industry 4.0 and the intelligent factory.

But about these two solutions, as well as of the importance of security and therefore of the ReSec module, we will speak at length in other articles.


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