Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning for the automation and efficiency of core processes in the Utilities sector


Relatech S.p.A., Digital Solution Company specialized in Digital Enabler technologies, has started a project with an important operator in the Utility sector, for the automation and enhancement of business processes through the use of the most advanced technologies, such as Big Data, IoT and Machine Learning.

Thanks to the proprietary Cloud-based RePlatform digital platform, Relatech has made available to the customer a system to maximize the management of users and the real-time collection of data generated by the numerous devices that the company has throughout the country.

The project is divided into two phases. The first involves the use of Big Data and IoT technologies to streamline and optimize core processes, analyze available data in real-time, maximize sales and billing processes.

The second phase involves the use of algorithms created by Relatech based on Machine Learning, through which it will be possible to elaborate the churn rate analysis to monitor and identify customers with higher probability of abandonment, or with abnormal behavior, thus activating dedicated marketing campaigns to enforce customer loyalty.

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