Customer engagement: brand loyalty with ReZone


ReZone is the solution developed by Relatech specifically for customer engagement in the retail world, a world that today must still take the challenge of the omnichannel approach. According to the latest edition of the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory, promoted by the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, 95% of the companies surveyed collect customer master data, but only 33% customize the contents according to the specific individual. A sign that, despite the great interest on the part of the companies, the approach to omnichannel is still of a tactical nature, that is, above all linked to customer acquisition or to the increase in sales, rather than of a strategic nature. In fact, only 27% of the sample aims to improve engagement, the way in which it is possible to embark on a stable loyalty path with the brand. ReZone technology meets this objective thanks to its integration of Data Management & Analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, marketing automation tools and digital touchpoints.


ReZone at the center of engagement strategy

Any customer engagement strategy must begin with a clear identification of consumer behavior, which has to come out from the most exhaustive collection of data concerning them. ReZone offers the ability to follow the customer along the entire customer journey consisting of a variety of channels. As pointed out by the Observatory, these are not exclusively online touchpoints, although e-commerce, especially in times of CoronaVirus, is now the preferred sales method. The integration of online and physical touchpoints will remain a widespread, indeed growing, practice among consumers for a long time. Therefore, engagement must take place where end users interact more frequently. Omnichannel, in fact, means gathering the flow of customer-brand interaction data, wherever it takes place, always keeping the customer at the center, and being able to analyze this data in depth.


ReZone tools for customer engagement

The most suitable strategy for customer engagement goes hand in hand with the adoption of ad-hoc tools and technologies. ReZone can manage and aggregate large volumes of data from heterogeneous sources such as web, mobile and social, but also data gathered from other information systems like CRM, ERP and payment. The results of these aggregations are returned as data analytics and graphic dashboards representing the customer base that guide the definition of marketing campaigns and personalized offers. In this sense, ReZone architecture ensures that each module is not generalized, but customized to the specific objective that it is intended to achieve. Consequently, Relatech solution provides a series of tools ranging from push notifications to communicate promotions and news in real time to the customer who is in the store, to web chatbots implemented in collaboration with IBM, to interactive InfoPoint in the stores, up to Augmented Reality technology to make the shopping experience totally immersive and engaging.


ReZone benefits to brands and customers

ReZone contribution to customer engagement is not limited only to the purchase phase, but covers all stages of the journey, including subsequent assistance and after-sales stages. Very often, in fact, a poor management of support requests following a purchase, causes the interruption of any relationship with the brand. For the brand, therefore, the benefits obtained with the introduction of ReZone, goes from the knowledge of customer habits, to the increase in signup on the app and website, greater effectiveness loyalty programs and, finally, a rigorous measurement of results in terms of ROI. In conclusion, the same advantages perceived by customers (innovative and unique customer experience, growth of brand trust, lower churn rate etc.) become the lever for a solid and lasting engagement.


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