Metaverse lands in Formula 1

Monza racetrack lands in web3.0 and brings one of the most historic GPs on the Formula 1 calendar into a new dimension: the metaverse. 
On the occasion of the circuit's centenary, the Formula 1 Pirelli Italian Grand Prix 2022, the first GP will be run in the metaverse.
"Last year we were the first to launch NFTs at the Circuit, and from September we will be present in the Metaverse. The Monza Meta Circuit will provide new opportunities for interaction not only with the public but also with customers and sponsors," said Alessandra Zinno, Circuit Director. 
The Monza Meta Circuit is a free immersive experience in which people are offered free access to the paddock, mooving between stands, stages, and the pitlane, and finally allows them to experience the track. All of this is done with The Nemesis.  
Added to all this, they introduced Monza Fan Tokens and Monza VIP Tokens, exclusive limited number NFTs that give access to exclusive events and opportunities inside the virtual temple of the four wheels. In addition, thanks to these tokens, you can participate with exclusive access to a virtual race scheduled for September 11th and perhaps be the first Grand Prix winner in the metaverse. 
In our last blog on the metaverse (Metaverse: a different point of view) we had already tried to give an overview of the trends that are currently in the field. This new project is certainly a curiosity that deserves careful analysis. 
Relatech, a company careful to the latest innovations in the market, is also approaching the world of the metaverse through the development of solutions that allow the creation of virtual environments in which you can interact and move freely. 
Virtual platforms where events and virtual meetings can be recreated are just some of the solutions that Relatech develops and offers to the B2B and B2C market. 
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The metaverse is a trend and a hot topic, but what will be the future developments in this area? 
We just have to stay connected with the latest trends and news about the "METAVERSE" world. 

📷 Image source: Monza Meta Circuit

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