Gruppo Relatech: cyber security, a necessary and non-postponable investment for companies


In the last period, cyber attacks have become more and more frequent, the attack on the computer system of the Lazio Region a few days ago is a significant example and is only the latest episode of a very complex and worrying scenario.

In the case of the Lazio Region, it seems to have been a "ransomware" attack, that is, malicious software that blocks the victim's data and systems with the aim of obtaining a "ransom" ransom in bitcoin. According to initial reconstructions, the hackers were able to gain access to the system using the password of a regional official.

The new working methods used in the current post-pandemic scenario have in fact multiplied the positions outside the company perimeter and increasingly exposed companies that did not have tools capable of adapting their protection systems to cyber attacks. tools that allow for total capillarity in data protection.

To prevent emergencies such as these from happening again, greater awareness of the risks associated with cybercrime becomes necessary. As a result, data security has become a major concern for most companies today.

Companies are progressively increasing investments to raise security levels, but despite this increased effort, top management often has doubts about the effectiveness of their security programs or the controls that have been put in place, especially as attacks occur. more and more frequently in the form of "data breach" with the consequent theft or disclosure of data or with the total blocking of the system.

It is precisely from the awareness of being vulnerable that it becomes essential for companies to adopt the most innovative protection systems. It is precisely in this area that Relatech, Digital Enabler Solution Knowledge Company, stands out as a reference digital player, offering companies valid solutions and services in the field of Cyber-intelligence and Cybersecurity. The Relatech Group, through its digital and cloud based RePlatform platform which integrates the highest IT security systems, is able to offer its customers reliable, secure and modular solutions to protect the infrastructure and corporate value.

The subsidiary Mediatech, a company that joined the Relatech Group in 2020, specializes in offering its customers a suite of Cyber ​​Security services and solutions, guaranteeing the customer the inviolability of data, privacy and intellectual property. The Group not only provides the customer with systems that guarantee the protection of the IT infrastructure but also prepares "disaster recovery" systems in the Cloud, which create a parallel backup system that is constantly aligned with the main one. In this way, in the remote event of a possible attack, the company will be able to continue with business operations ensuring the continuity of activities through a clone system in the cloud.

"Rather than simply reacting to current attacks, proactive companies try to avoid future ones" says Giuseppe Dominoni CEO of Mediatech (Relatech Group), "It is important to understand the real and present dangers: the reviews of security policies and procedures they should take place in a continuous cycle. For this reason, Top Management is deeply involved in the setting, management and review of security measures. It is not just about avoiding as many future breaches as possible, but being aware that some attacks will be successful and therefore being ready to react in a timely manner. To counter and mitigate these scenarios, it is necessary to turn to professionals with specific skills on the best technologies and able to propose innovative solutions to anticipate the dangerous situations on the market by carrying out constant reviews and evaluations, also lightening the workload of the IT team inside the agency".


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