Ministry of Economic Development approves "True Detective 4.0" project with three-year concession Decree to Relatech S.p.A.


Relatech SpA, obtains approval by the Ministry of Economic Development with a Decree of Concession for the True-Detective 4.0 project.

Relatech S.p.A., on April 16, 2020, obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) the concession decree for the launch of the Industrial Research project called "True Detective 4.0" proposed in collaboration with the co-proposing companies Andromeda S.r.l. and Codermine Srl, as part of the "FCS-Intelligent Factory - Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)" Call, presented with the following objective: "Development of an Innovative Real-Time Monitoring Platform for Predictive Maintenance of Devices, for the Optimization of Production Processes and Industrial Automation and for the Management of Physical Safety in the Business Area."

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