Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing: the point of view of Silvio Cosoleto


Digital transformation has pervaded every business, innovating and modifying it. The customer experience is not immune to this change, and it is improved, more engaging and of higher quality. The contribution of the AI, however, does not stop at simple customization: the prediction of customers behaviors allows the company to have a pool of information regarding its customers, guaranteeing the possibility of creating customer assistance paths, intercepting in advance his needs thanks to the study of past actions.

The goal is to solve problems that are increasingly complex, simplify repetitive and trivial actions allowing employees to focus on the actions that are part of the core business and act as a real business accelerator.

This is the reason behind the development of RePlatform, the cloud based platform that integrates proprietary and third-party technologies, our methodological approach and all the expertise developed over 18 years of history. Built on the pillars of Digital Transformation, RePlatform is the modular and scalable tool that guarantees process optimization and development of new marketing solutions, able to modify and refine the relationship between brand and customer and supporting companies in their journey technological transformation.

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